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Ten Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Yoga Session

An empty stomach - Yoga pays a lot of emphasis on core conditioning. Hence it is a good idea not to eat a heavy meal a couple of hours before your Yoga class. It will only leave you feeling stuffed and may even result in indigestion or stomach cramps. If you've decided to indulge in a heavy meal just before your class, consider skipping the class instead.

Reach a couple of minutes early
Yoga is not just another workout. It is a form of exercise that places a great deal of emphasis on centering yourself and breath-control. If you rush in at the last minute, gasping for breath, you are defeating the entire purpose behind practicing Yoga. Instead, try to reach a couple of minutes early, take a few deep breaths, calm the mind and empty your mind of all extraneous distractions.

Warm up
Like any other form of exercise, warming up plays an important role in Yoga too. Warming up ensures that you are able to perform the many stretching exercises that are a part of Yoga without straining your muscles.

Take your time
Do not allow your Yoga class to become a race to the finish line. It is more important to take the time to breathe properly while properly performing the various postures and remain centered at all times. You do not have to keep up with the rest of the class.

Quality is better than quantity
All the different Yoga postures have a specific purpose. Performing an exercise half-heartedly or not performing it properly completely negates the benefits of the exercise. Take the time to learn the various postures properly and ensure that you perform them in the correct manner.

Do not proceed on auto pilot
Yoga is not like running on the treadmill. You cannot watch television and perform Yoga at the same time. Yoga seeks to bring the mind and body in harmony with each other. This can only happen when you fully concentrate on each and every exercise.

Shut out the outside world
A Yoga class is your opportunity to shut out the outside world and recharge your mind and body. Leave all your worries outside the Yoga class and concentrate on performing the postures correctly. Live in the moment and for the duration of your class let your thoughts dwell only on your body and how the exercise is making you feel.

It is easy to lose track of your breathing techniques while performing Yoga postures. Do not let this happen. Focus on your breathing and ensure that you are inhaling and exhaling as taught. Breath control is an important part of Yoga and skipping it will nullify all the beneficial effects of Yoga.

Do not overstrain
Yoga is not a competition. You do not have to compete with anyone else or yourself. If you get tired or feel pain, stop and rest until you feel better. If you feel continuous pain while holding a posture, inform your instructor. You may be doing something wrong.

Ultimately, Yoga is about relaxation and peace. Once the exercises are over, lie down with your eyes closed and feel your entire body relax itself. Let the mind also revel in this brief period of relaxation instead of making mental notes of the things you have to do after your Yoga class.