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Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known as the 'medicine' for the most effective relaxation. You can use aromatherapy oils in the bedroom, or meditation time. Select which suit your needs.

Basil: Overcoming stomach pain, muscle cramps and stiff rheumatic, respiratory problems, flu and fever, mentally tired, headache, concentration difficulty and easily nervous.

Cedarwood: For respiratory infections, and ureter, refreshment for oily skin and pore clog, dandruff and itchy.

Roman Chammomile: Suitable for all skin problems such as pimple, allergies, burns, eczema and skin inflammation.

Ginger: Protecting the body from feeling cold, fever, nausea, nausea, digestive, anti-inflammation, urinary infection, bladder, destroy all types of intestinal parasites and normalise blood pressure.

Clove: Reduce dental pain, diarrhea, scabies, ringworm and scabies.

Cubeb: To Anorexia disease, and all less appetite.

Cypress: Overcoming low blood pressure, circulation system, hemorrhoids, and all reduce excessive perspiration from the body.

Geranium: nutritious soup breast, menopause, eczema whelk, bleeding, as well as birth marks and brighten skin.

Grapefruit: Overcoming stiff rheumatic pain, shivering, headache, flu and fever and expel toxic-poison in the body.

Lavender: Caring for the lung infection, sinus, vaginal, including fungi, sore throat, asthma, inflammation and other cyst. Increase body resistance, cell regeneration, open wound, skin infection and is very comfortable for the baby's skin.

Lemon: In addition to the oily skin, also useful as antioxidants substances, antiseptic, against virus and bacterial infections, prevent hypertension, heart and gland clog the spleen, improve the metabolism, support the body's immune system and slow the increase in body weight.

Jasmine: Raise up passionate love, good for women's fertility, impotence treat, anti-depression, stiff rheumatic pain, inflammation and menstruation pain mucous.

Juniper: Special treatment vessel constriction and arterial problems associated with the stoppage as relaxing vein, hemorrhoids and all.

Orange: Good for oily skin, lymph gland is not smooth, regular heartbeat, and no high blood pressure.

Peppermint: killing bacteria, viruses and parasites in the nest digestion. Smooth sinus stoppage and tuberculosis, the oil production in the skin, cure for itchy ringworm / scabies, herpes, scabies due to toxic plants.

Rosemary: One of the potent aroma accelerate blood circulation, lower cholesterol, ease down muscles, rheumatism, severe dandruff, hair fall, helping to dull the bottom skin layer . Prevent skin dry, wrinkled the fiber appeared reddish.

Sandalwood: Healing the urinary infection and genitals, inflammation and treat burns, throat problems, to help overcome the difficult sleep and tranquility create the heart.

Tea tree: the role of immune tonic that both treat the disease lungs, genitals, vagina, sinus, mulutinfeksi fungus infections, chickenpox, shingles and protect the skin as it burned during radiation therapy of cancer.

Thyme: Healing the digestive disturbances and fungi, worms destroy bracelet and tapeworm.

Ylang-ylang: a calm, relieve shortness of breath, as a function of hair tonic as well as the feeling of love.