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Small Things For Your Health

Many small things and do not need expensive cost to maintain health :

  1. Re-arrange Your Bedroom, Minimalist style is beautiful room to sleep, but also good for your health. Thick furry pillows, piles of books and magazines, dolls and small display is favorite mite infestation or decay. Delouse microscopic size is a cause of allergy in the main room. Also suggested by Beth Corn, MD, specialist allergy immunology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City says do not forget to close the window at night. This is necessary to prevent the allergy due to fungus foliage, or the humidity in the night through the air.
  2. Home Exercise, Got internet? Who has not realized the advanced the virtual world? To trim the monthly cost to the fitness center for the aerobic classes, you can watch the movements via YouTube. Search keyword "15 minute abs workout", or "Bikini body workout circuit." Besides you do not need to pay a monthly fee, you can also follow the "virtual classroom" is whenever you can.
  3. Drinking Mineral Water, Did you know, drinking water was very good for the body? If you already know, whether you are applying 8 glasses per day is recommended? In addition to cheap and easy to get, water is also very good to make the metabolism in the body, plus be able to withstand hunger.
  4. Measure width of waist, Do not be afraid to step forward in improving health. You know, you can! Try measuring your waist circumference. twist tape measure around the stomach from the navel cords. Various studies show that too much fat around the stomach is one of the most powerful indicator of potential heart disease. If the size of your waist circumference more than 35 inches or 89 cm means increased risk. Effective way to remove the excess fat is to do sports that make kardio heart berdegup. For example, walk for 45-60 minutes 3 times a week can be a healthy habit that cheap.
  5. Check the tension Blood, For you to know, the normal and healthy blood pressure is 120/80. Height restriction is 139/89, while high blood pressure starting from the number 140/90. Sports and the routine consumption of sodium can lower high blood pressure. Healthy lifestyle change than reduce the risk of heart disease, can also reduce your cost of heart disease that can occur if you still do not healthier lifestyle.