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Free From Osteoporosis With Healthy Bones

Osteoporosis or bone disease is one disease affecting the bones due to reduced bone mass and density. As a result of osteoporosis are the bones become brittle and break easily due to decreased bone density. Bone itself is one important part of our body. Bones is a framework that supports our body so we can move. You can imagine if your body of supporting is fragile, brittle and easily broken, the result is bone pain, disorders of movement even cause paralysis and permanent disability. Here are some suggestions that you can apply to not having porous in bone disease .

Calcium is an element of bone and teeth formation. So, in order to keep awake in bone density, it is important to consume a lot of calcium found in milk. Unfortunately, with age, the ability to absorb calcium less. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself or your child to drink milk every day from an early age. Because the cause of osteoporosis is the lack of calcium intake at a young age.

In order for calcium derived from milk and food can be absorbed perfectly, we need vitamin D. Would be very unfortunate, if we consume a lot of foods that contain calcium but can not be absorbed properly, so that eventually the body takes calcium on bone. As a result, bones become brittle.

In addition to consuming calcium, it is important to do regular exercise to strengthen bones and increase bone mass density.Sports that can be done to train the bone is to do a sport that provides compressive force to the bone, and style sprawl style twist. The style can stimulate bone growth so that the bones become healthier. You can try it with cycling, jogging, or walking up and down the stairs.