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Remove Dark Circle Under Your Eyes

You have done everything to reduce the dark circle under the eyes. Although a healthy lifestyle, enough sleep, drink a lot, and enough iron, but the circle under the eyes are still there. Do not rush a solution with the surgery. Find out the root of the problem first. Some of the causes of a black circle under the eyes can be solved, but some are not, because the permanen.

Some causes are:
  1. Dark pigment, There are some people who have more dark pigment in the eye, can be caused by accumulation of pigment in the skin (melanocytosis) that usually occur due to allergy and inflammation due to sun damage. The first thing you can do this if the root of the problem, is to protect the skin from the sun as much as possible. Then consult your physician on whether the medicines you use (eye drops, hormones, or other) can make a black circle under your eyes grow worse. If so, try to consult drug successor. To handle it is with skin bleaching such as products that contain hydroquinone. Usually treatment using products that contain new substances are visible results after a few months use, and must be done under medical supervision. Alternatively, search for specific drugs around the eye area that contains retinol or vitamin K (to stimulate skin cell turnover), eg Roc Retinol Correxion Eye Cream.
  2. Genetic, If you get thin crust at the bottom of the eye, so you can see the muscle smaller, this could be the seed of a problem. You can choose non-surgical laser treatments, such as Thermage or IPL Photofacial to remove a black circle under the eyes. Especially if this related to the Retention of water causes the bottom of the bag.
  3. Eye bag, If you have a bag at the bottom of the pile due to the fat lid down, giving rise to reflection, it is advisable to do a small surgery to address them.
  4. Swollen eye, Typically, a swollen eye caused by the consumption of alcohol, sugar, salt and more. If you prefer to do a natural, tea bag is used, is also quite helpful.