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Morning headache could be a symptom of depression

The most complicated thing about depression is that it is extremely hard to diagnose this disorder. Initially the symptoms of depression are quite unclear and most of the time seem to be common. It's hard even for the patient and his close persons to understand that he or she is affected by this disease. Most people will even say that depression is a normal thing and happens to everyone so there's nothing to worry about. Fact is that depression is officially classified as a mental disorder, and just by that it's wrong to state that it's normal. It is true that it happens to virtually all people, even children can suffer from depression. It is the most commonly met disease on the planet, but few people take it seriously. Although for most individuals depression can be just a downside phase of life that will shift pretty soon, but for many others it will be a serious concern. But doctors today tend to believe that depression is simply over diagnosed, meaning that too many patients with no obvious symptoms of clinical depression are prescribed with antidepressants (e.g. valium), some of them even asking for such a treatment on their own.

This leads us to the question of how can one identify whether he or she is suffering from clinical depression? Though it is quite hard to identify depression at earlier stages, there are certain signals one can watch out for in order to see if the disease is starting to manifest itself. Most important here is to become more cautious and instead of going with self-treatment consult with a professional doctor about the matter.

There's nothing strange about getting up with a headache in the morning. Even if you weren't partying all night long. Many people aren't satisfied by the quality of their sleep and have head and muscle aches when getting up from bed. And although it may seem pretty common to many, this is a definite signal that something is wrong. If this condition is chronic, then you should consult with your doctor. It was proven that chronic morning headaches are one of the symptoms of depression at its early stage. So instead of taking Valium with the thought that you can fix everything on your own, it is better to see a doctor. Sometimes this can be a signal for more serious problems than depression.