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Easy Lens Maintenance

If you wear contacts, you have probably use the old solutions that spend your time the whole morning to clean your contacts and used separate cleaner. Not anymore, I have found my contact solution that makes contact lenses last longer and feel more comfortable with Baush & Lomb Re Nu contact solution, when you're sleeping your contacts are beening cleaned and also a multi purpose solution that helps clean, disinfects, rinse and adds value to storing your contact lenses. ReNu Multi-Plus is a tri-action formula that leaves long lasting comfort. ReNu has been a recommended brand by eye professionals. ReNu kills germs in a short time and keeps the contact lenses soft and comfortable to use thus making your eyes less irritated and healthier, it's very recommended contact care ever. and also seen that this provides better storage for about a month and removes protein that makes it uncomfortable when using contact lenses. Also ReNu has other variants for your contact lens care. There is ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort Multi-purpose solution that can make your eyes feel comfortable everyday. And for sensitive eyes there is ReNu Sensitive Eyes solution is designed to be as gentle as your natural tears, yet it's scientifically proven to fight germs, very simple, effective contacts lens cleaning.