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Stop smoking to save your sexual performance

There cannot be many who do not know of the link between smoking and cancer. For these purposes, it does not matter how people smoke, whether it is a conventional cigarette, a pipe or one of the new electric cigarettes, the ingestion of nicotine in any form is likely to cause cancer. Worse, because nicotine is addictive, smokers rapidly become dependent on the drug and cannot easily quit even though there is clear evidence of a health problem developing in their own bodies. This physical dependence is reinforced by the habitual links between smoking and pleasurable activities, e.g. many smoke after a good meal or sex. Once these habits are formed, it becomes doubly difficult to stop. However, there are other effects on the body that can and do cause problems. Ignoring the psychological pleasure of nicotine as a stimulant, it also raises the blood pressure. This results because nicotine causes the blood vessels to contract, forcing the heart to pump harder to send the blood around the body. Over time, circulation to the extremities of the body is restricted. There is also a tendency for this to produce arteriosclerosis, a permanent hardening of the arteries. In a research study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, heavy smoking was found the primary cause of arteriosclerosis in 70% of all cases.

Erections occur when men are sexually stimulated. This releases chemicals into the muscle walls of the arteries leading into the penis. As the arteries dilate, more blood flows into the penis and the erection forms. As regular smokers, the arteries are already constricted by the presence of nicotine in the blood. If there is already some arteriosclerosis, the men will find it difficult to get or maintain an erection. In the long term, the result will be complete impotence. There's also clear evidence that smoking can damage the sperm and lead to infertility. Incidentally, the same result is achieved by smoking cannabis. Thus, even if an erection is still possible, long-term smokers may not be able to have children.

A recent study in China has found that men who smoke more than twenty cigarettes a day are 60% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who have never smoked. While young, men may smoke and not experience problems. If they continue to smoke, the risk of impotence increases. Should there be some problems with erections, men can buy cialis and this will dilate the arteries leading into the penis and an erection will result. But this is short-term relief. If men continue to smoke and arteriosclerosis develops, no drug, even cialis, will be able dilate the arteries and impotence will be complete. In an ideal world, you will not smoke. If you do smoke while young, you will give it up before there is any lasting damage. Indeed, for these purposes, symptoms of erectile dysfunction should be the incentive you need to finally quit. If your sexual performance is failing, more serious diseases like cancer may not be far behind. Stop while there is still some chance of saving your sexual performance and your life.